This project is dedicated to late Francesca Voi, to my late old friend Ludovico Settembrini and to my beloved late aunt Santa. Francesca and Ludovico succumbed to a terrible disease, Santa had to endure a psychic condition which made her life a living hell. I will present you with several people, each one with their story from their individual point of view. The purpose? To remind myself and others that while we live we still have a chance and to raise awareness. Prints are available and all the earning will be devolved to local anti-tumor associations. With Francesca Voi, Simone Voi, Maria Capone, Federica Giantomasi, Claudia Pellegatta, Gianandrea Uggetti, Giulia Ronzoni, Laura Colangelo, Valeria Fano, Francesca Boncompagni, Sergio Ladu, Marco Taio